Microfiche stitching and digitised document processing

Merlijn B. W. Wajer

Internet Archive, Digitisation Engineer

Bio: Merlijn Wajer currently works with the Internet Archive on digitising material and other cultural heritage as well as on “Maemo Leste”, a open source mobile operating system.

Merlijn Wajer graduated as B.A. of Computer Science from the University of Amsterdam. He loves working on free and open source software. Except for his academic adventures, he: * is one of the founders of the ‘Maemo Leste’ association in the public interest in Bulgaria, focused on proving an ethical smartphone operating system * is one of the founders of the ‘Hart voor Internetvrijheid’ foundation, an organization, dedicated to protecting anonymity online * is a member of the Sofia Hackerspace ‘initLab’ * works on digitisation software for archive.org

Topic: Microfiche stitching and digitised document processing

These are two potential options for a topic, one would be a more technical talk on my attempts to stitch high resolution photos of microfiche together into a single image, the other would be a talk on how the Internet Archive processes the (text) data that it digitises and how one could use the (open source) software that the Internet Archive has developed.