Protection and reliable storage of digital data

Kaloyan Zdravkov

Head of IT department – Petko R. Slaveykov Regional Library – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Bio: Head of IT Department, specialist in databases, digitalization and digitization in Petko R. Slaveykov Regional Library, Veliko Tarnovo

Topic: Protection and reliable storage of digital data

Nowadays, the daily lives of both business entities and individuals are highly data-bound. Their loss in some cases is simply unpleasant, and in others – absolutely unacceptable. A large percentage of organizations that do not have a backup policy have suffered as a result of crises of various origins. Although regular and appropriate data backup is a logical and self-evident activity for everyone, it is often overlooked, downplayed or incorrectly implemented. A particularly severe case is irrecoverable data, for example digital copies of time-degrading media – any subsequent attempt to re-digitize leads to greater damage to the original and lower quality of the copy.