Welcome to the Resources page of the MobiReel web platform, here you can find some of the MobiReel resources in English and all partner languages.

1. Competence Framework – Methodology for low-cost film digitization – English and all partner languages

The Competence Framework (CF) / Methodology is implemented in the developed Training Modules.

CF/Methodology – English version
CF/Methodology – Bulgarian version
CF/Methodology – Dutch version
CF/Methodology – German version
CF/Methodology – N. Macedonian version

2. Five short educational movies with subtitles in all partner languages

3. Guide: Attractive digital data presentation (in all partner languages)

Guide – English version
Guide – Bulgarian version
Guide – Dutch version
Guide – German version
Guide – N. Macedonian version

4. Movie: Attractive digital data presentation (with subtitles in all partner languages)

5. Guide for users and teachers for the MobiReel Training Modules (LMS)